The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority recently ordered the withdrawal from the Maltese market of a number of novelty lighters that were found being offered for sale.

A novelty lighter is one that has a feature which makes it more appealing to children. One characteristic of a novelty lighter is its shape. Furthermore, novelty lighters may also produce either light or sound.

Novelty lighters are banned from the European market, including the local one, because of the serious risk posed to consumers, especially to young children.

Due to their added appeal and play value they may cause burns to the face or to other parts of the body. Such a risk was deemed so problematic that the European Commission issued decision 2006/502/EC banning these products from all EU markets.

In view of this, consumers should refrain from using such lighters and return them to the place of purchase. Traders are ordered to refrain from selling or in any way placing these products on the market. Further enforcement action, as envisaged by law, will be taken by the MCCAA against any traders who continue to place these products on the market.

All lighters on the Maltese market need to meet a certain level of safety. To ensure this, lighters need to adhere to the following two main standards: Standard EN ISO 9994:2006, which deals with the physical properties of the lighter, and EN 13869:2016, which specifies the child safety properties the lighter needs to have. Importers are responsible to check that lighters placed on the market comply with these standards.

For any queries on lighters or the safety properties of non-food products found on the local market, call the MCCAA on 2395 2000 or e-mail or by visit the website below.


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