55 Maltese will be returning to Malta on special flights from Libya laid on by the Maltese government.

Another two Maltese nationals have also booked a seat on the taking the flight from Mitiga Airport but they are not yet sure if they would make it on time.

The flights, operated by Medavia, are due to depart from Mitiga, near Tripoli and Labraq airport, near Benghazi.

Mario Cutajar, who heads the government's crisis centre, told a press briefing this afternoon 41 will be taking the Mitiga flight, 14 that leaving from Labraq. The remaining seats will be taken up by other EU nationals. Each aircraft can take up to 70 people.

These, Mr Cutajar said, were the last two flights being organised by the government.

He said that the government will also be scaling down the crisis centre although it will still remain in operation to continue to assist the 40 of so Maltese who remain in Libya and who were now being advised by the government to leave.

They include Bishop Silvestru Magro, who is based in Benghazi, who has opted to stay with his flock. He had also stayed on in Libya during the last crisis.

The Malta consultate staff would also be returning to Malta but the ambassador was staying on.

Mr Cutajar thanked staff at the crisis centre some of whom, he said, cancelled their holidays to help out.

Meanwhile the British survey ship HMS Enterprise has evacuated another 93 Europeans from Libya to Malta. Most are Britons but the ship also ferried a number of Irish and Danish nationals and a Norwegian. 

The Enterprise made its first crossing from Tripoli to Malta on Monday night, bringing 110 people.

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