Updated - Adds video - Prime minister Joseph Muscat this afternoon said that he was not personally aware of any monetary donations to the Labour Party or any of the cabinet members by the owners of Cafe Premier. However he said that research was being conducted to ascertain that no donations were made. None had resulted since the election.

Admitting that he had met Mario Camilleri - one of the owners of Cafe Premier twice before the election, he said that the financial position of the establishment was never mentioned. Instead he said that Mr Camilleri's shareholding in lotto was discussed.

Asked who will be shouldering political responsibility for the Cafe Premier controversy, Dr Muscat did not reply. He said the governemnt has already shown full transparency on the issue.

Asked why he used a private email address to conduct purely government business, Dr Muscat said that he always used a private email.

See also http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20150227/local/update-2-opposition-calls-for-joseph-muscats-resignation-over-lies-to-cover-involvement-in-cafe-premier-deal.557748

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