Set in the heart of the Three Cities, the American University of Malta combines American standards of education with rich Maltese culture for a life-changing educational experience for local and international students alike.

The multi-dimensional educational programmes offered by the university are designed to meet American educational standards and to graduate a generation that is fully equipped to excel in the international market. Programmes and courses are scientifically developed by experts in the field and carefully selected, based on the AUM’s qualifications and experience profiling framework.

Moreover, the AUM makes full use of its international partnership and collaborations with other American universities such as DePaul University in Chicago and the University of Arkansas, US to co-design and endorse specialised courses and programmes in different disciplines.

The AUM proudly maintains the stamp of the American University and implements extensive quality assurance programmes with both internal and external audits, implemented to ensure compliance to the highest standards throughout its processes. Quality assurance programmes regularly examine administrative, academic, and service operations standards at all levels. Multi-layered audits include those implemented by an internal university team, random annual spot checks by Malta Further and Higher Education Authority, and systematic and regular audits and reviews executed by the Clemson University, South Carolina, US. Implemented audits are tied to performance benchmarks identified by Malta Further and Higher Education Authority, and strategically guide AUM’s institutional and academic quality enhancement efforts.

“We are proud to uphold the quality standards of the American University,” said University CEO Ziya Alpay. “The AUM has successfully undergone several audits and reviews mandated by its accreditations for the past five years. This is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence, and a guarantee for our students to the best educational and future shaping experience they deserve.”

AUM’s pursuit of quality is a never-ending process, as it embarks on yet another journey pursuing accreditation by the United States Higher Education Commission. Building international partnerships with world class academic institutions, engaging with specialised experts, introducing hands on monitoring and quality assurance systems and the pursuit of international accreditations, are an affirmation to AUM’s strategic direction towards innovatively transforming and prioritising value-added education for its students and the leaders of tomorrow.

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