A project aimed at helping female refugees and migrants who survived violence has been awarded $25,000 by the US Department of State.

The funding was presented by the US Embassy through the Julia Taft Refugee Fund to the Migrant Women Association Malta (MWAM) for its Better Future project.

The 18-month project created and implemented a mental health framework to treat female refugees and migrants suffering from sexual- and gender-based violence (SGBV).

The concept involves a client-centred approach that incorporates an understanding of how the victim views the violence, and training interpreters and practitioners to work together.

MWAM published the framework in a handbook for mental health practitioners and other entities working in or related to the field. The Council of Europe hailed MWAM’s approach as a ‘best practice.’

During the presentation at the Embassy, US Chargé d’Affaires Mark Schapiro discussed the Embassy’s #BreakThe Glass initiative to identify and address obstacles that hinder women’s economic empowerment, career development, and representation, noting that combatting SGBV was crucial to any agenda to advance women’s economic and political interests.