The White House is set take a tough stance against the Hague Monday (September 10), if it goes ahead with investigations into the US and Israel.

National Security Advisor John Bolton is to threaten sanctions against International Criminal Court judges in his first major address since joining the Trump administration.

According to a draft of Bolton's speech seen by Reuters, he'll say the US 'will fight back' against the ICC's probe into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan by American service members.

That draft calls it quote 'unjust prosecution by this illegitimate court.'

The White House will consider banning the court's judges and prosecutors from entering the US sanction any funds they have in the US financial system and prosecute them in American courts.

The Court announced last November that it's looking into civilian casualties and allegations of torture during America's longest war.

Bolton is also expected to announce the closure of the Palestine Liberation Organisation's office in Washington.

The PLO serves as the de facto parliament to Palestinians.

Palestinian officials have demanded a full investigation into Israel at the Hague, over alleged human rights violations spanning the last four years.

It's the latest action by the Trump administration to alienate Palestinians.

It's already cut hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of aid to the region and moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.



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