A photographic exhibition called Life As It Happens - Valletta Waterfront Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, will document the story of this landmark since its launch three years ago as seen through some very high-impact and suggestive photography.

The exhibition, which runs from tomorrow until August 30, will feature over 80 photographs, some of them measuring over four metres. These record various happenings since June 3, 2005 categorised under three themes: history, culture and cruising.

"Since its existence, the Port of Valletta has been an important point of reference and a busy hub of activity which Viset Malta plc, as developers and operators of the Valletta Cruise Terminal and the Valletta Waterfront, has been updating, with structural changes, increased operations and diversified business, to reflect and meet the demands of our times," Viset general manager Chris Paris said.

"The results are now enjoyed by the Maltese who spend leisure time at this majestic location, with tourists in general and passengers onboard cruise liners who are an important loop in our tourism industry chain."

The photographs feature concerts by world-renowned artistes, car exhibitions, celebrities and business activities. A special section will feature "before and after" photos, showing historic images of the Valletta Waterfront together with modern replicas.

"People need to know the history of Grand Harbour to understand where all this is coming from and where we are heading with our exciting plans.

"The pictures are an educational and artistic experience showing the Valletta Waterfront, its details and activities - from entertainment to retail - for visitors to appreciate and enjoy," Mr Paris said.

The public is invited to visit the exhibition - entrance is free - Monday to Sunday, between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.



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