Police are investigating reports of vandals that have defaced two historic buildings with black liquid in Mqabba in recent weeks. 

Mqabba mayor Charlene Muscat told Times of Malta that the small village's community was "united" in dismay at what appeared to be black tar thrown onto the facades of two historic buildings in what she described as an attempt to intimidate residents. 

"It seems someone is trying to pass on a message, to instill fear. But they got the opposite reaction from the public as people have united to support those affected," she said.  

Last month, a property on Valletta Road, Mqabba, was defaced with the suspicious black liquid.

And on Friday morning the front facade of another historic building, dating back to the 1700s, was also found covered in black liquid.  

Friday's discovery of the attack on Torri Vincenti, which was built in 1726, saw an outpouring of outrage from residents.

Sources said the vandalism had come after the property owners had raised concerns over large construction trucks passing through the village's narrow streets, causing damage to properties in the quaint neighbourhood.  

Speaking on condition of anonymity one resident said they had had enough of being "bullied" by a particular developer who would not listen to reason.  

“When I tried to talk sense to a driver he reacted with threats of violence.

“This is how we are living in our quiet village – in fear that if we open our mouths we will suffer damage to our properties or worse,” the shaken resident said.

Shocking CCTV footage seen by Times of Malta shows a large construction truck - loaded with building debris, zooming passed one of the buildings - hitting one of the defaced buildings.

A notice near one of the vandalised buildings says that vehicles wider than two metres should not pass through the narrow street.

In a Facebook post the Mqabba local council described the attacks as "cowardly". 

"We hope that justice is served for the residents affected and that whoever is responsible is apprehended by the police," the council said. 

The video below shows trucks being driven through the narrow streets.  





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