Vodafone Malta has rebranded to Epic after it was bought out by Monaco Telecom. 

The company, which is owned by the Principality of Monaco and French billionaire Xavier Niel’s firm NJJ Holdings, purchased Vodafone’s operations on the island earlier this year.  

Chief executive Tamas Banyai unveiled the company’s new identity on Tuesday morning, promising no disruption for existing customers and job security for employees.  

“If you are already with us, there will be no disturbance. If you want to change over to our new and improved packages you are also free to do so. As for staff, we are actually looking to hire new talent, so there is nothing to worry about there,” Banyai told Times of Malta.  

Monaco Telecom first announced its plans to enter the Maltese telecoms market in late December. 

Vodafone Malta was the first overseas market Vodafone UK expanded into and was the company to introduce mobile telephony to the island, through a company called Telecel. 

The deal to sell to Monaco Telecom comes two years after a proposed merger with Melita fell through due to objections raised by the competition regulator. 

Xavier Niel, who part-owns Monaco Telecom, also has interests in telecom operators in Switzerland (Salt) and Ireland (Eir), and Iliad-Free (France and Italy). 

On Tuesday Banyai said the company was rolling out new packages that would be a first for the island, from both personal and business telephony needs.  

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