Miracles and flukes do happen and the unlikely man or woman is sometimes chosen when least expected. To begin with, everyone thought Donald Trump was a non-starter and a buffoon with an inflated ego. He proceeded to win the primaries of the Republican Party and before we knew it the nuke buttons were at his tiny fingers.

So if the PN chooses Adrian Delia for leader then the Maltese electorate, by another twisted fluke, proceeds to choose him as the next Prime Minister, this won’t be total science fiction, unseen and unheard of anywhere on this planet. It will be yawn fiction, as the man challenges the accepted way of doing business.

The POTUS and our Delia boast some parallels, both dismissing so-called fake news and both bragging about their business acumen. Both have at one point or other derided journalists and even belittled others who have less money than them. The two appeared on the political scene out of nowhere and the two have come a long way.

There is one other thing Delia and the Donald have in common: they are both property developers. Should Delia be installed as the nation’s top man, he could even beat Trump at what he does best.

Malta is thriving and its tourism has never reached such dizzying heights. So here’s where Delia could be super wily: get hold of Auberge de Castille, build a few extra floors on this small, under-utilised palace and turn it into the best hotel in the Med, boasting one of the most spectacular positions.

He could retain some of the floors for those running the country right now, who would obviously come in handy in all he wants to do with the country to give it a new way. A new way to befriend everyone, from One TV journalists to buddies from the opposing camp.

A special glass penthouse could be named the Transparency Suite, where all is done in super openness.

Laundry rooms, a few back rooms for some naughty nooky with some spectacular prostitutes, and a dungeon for a vicious blogger, should also be made available.
I’m sure permits will quickly be issued for this grand plan to turn Valletta’s main Auberge into Malta’s finest, highest tower.

The name auberge would also be kept, as after all that word in French does mean an inn. So all Delia will be doing is converting it back to what it was originally planned to be.
Malta needs people who think big, who think outside the box, who can utilise our land, our palaces and our camaraderie better. We might be tiny and puny but if we embrace Adrian Delia’s new way we will even teach giants to move on in life.

Let Adrian Delia lead us to a more prosperous future.


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