Donating blood is safe since the coronavirus is not transmitted through blood, the authorities insisted on Monday as they appealed for people to continue donating since the demand is still there.

“Coronavirus is not transmitted through blood and we are taking all the necessary precautions,” National Blood Transfusion Service director Alex Aquilina said.

The number of couches at the blood transfusion centre in Gwardmanġa has been reduced to add the distance and space at the facility.

Also, donors are not being allowed to congregate in the waiting area, the centre is regularly disinfected and all processes are in line with international standards.

Demand has also decreased

Since the virus outbreak in Malta two weeks ago, the number of blood donations went down, Aquilina said on Monday.

The good news is that the demand also decreased with the cancellation of elective surgeries, like hip replacements.

However, Mater Dei Hospital still needs blood donations since people still have cancer, women are giving birth and accidents occur, he said.

Whereas before the hospital needed about 50 units of blood a day, at the moment there is a need for about 35 units daily.

“Until now, there are sufficient donors but it is important to keep donating,” Aquilina said.

“The message has to be that people need to keep on donating blood and that donation is safe.”

For more information contact the National Blood Transfusion Service on 2206 6201, 7930 7307 or on freephone 8007 4313.

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