Pete Buttigieg's surge in popularity seems to have angered several anti-LGBT Christian protesters with a bizarre video emerging showing a man dressed up as the Democratic Party contender whipping a man dressed up as Jesus.

The video, shared by a Getty Images producer, shows notorious anti-abortion activist Randall Terry dressed as the Indiana mayor whipping a man wearing a costume of Jesus Christ near a Marshalltown campaign stop.

Another man dressed up as Satan appears to be egging him on, shouting on a loudspeaker, “Yes, more blood, Peter!” and “Every vote is a lash on the back of Christ.”

It happened a day after that same protestor attempted to interrupt another event held by Mr Buttigieg, according to press reports.

Conservative protesters have expressed their dismay at a gay man running for President, and at homosexuality itself.

Mr Buttigieg, the son of a Maltese migrant and an American woman, has emerged as a serious contender for the Democratic nomination to take on Donald Trump in next year's election. 




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