Unverified footage of a car flying over the Santa Luċija roundabout has invited comparisons to 1980s TV series Dukes of Hazzard on local social media feeds.

The footage, which quickly went viral on Facebook, shows security camera footage dated 11.02pm on April 17. 

In it, a speeding car suddenly appears in frame, missing the roundabout turn and instead hitting its kerb, flying high into the sky and landing on its other side before crunching to a halt. 

The police force's communications department told Times of Malta that they had no information about the incident, with no reports of major crashes in the area on the night in question. 

Local police in the area also had no reports of incidents in the area, they said. However, several readers pointed out to Times of Malta that if one looked at the roundabout, one would immediately see that there had been an accident.

One also said that she drove from there just before 11.30pm that evening and there was a crashed white car and police on site.

The footage quickly spread across social media feeds, with users posting incredulous comments and at least one page adding a tongue-in-cheek soundtrack.

Dukes of Hazzard was an American action-comedy television series that focused on two cousins and their high jinx in their overpowered Dodge Charger called the General Lee.

The Santa Luċija incident recalls a similarly shocking incident in 2016, when a speeding car approaching a roundabout in Żebbuġ ended up on two wheels as it edged past a braking car, squeezing between it and a pavement. 



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