The owner of a wild cat being controversially kept on top of a Fgura house hit back at critics by uploading a video showing him embracing the exotic animal feared by many.

Etienne Gracey uploaded the clip on the social media network showing him embracing the puma in a clear act of defiance against critics who believe such animals should not be kept in such spaces. The animal appears to be in a relaxed state as it snuggles with its owner.

A video of the puma pacing on top of the roof uploaded last Thursday sparked outrage even though the Environment Ministry said the animal is registered with the authorities and meets the requirements laid down by regulations.

A separate video uploaded shows the puma's rooftop enclosure, complete with a water feature. The caption says: "I Love you too my son, and bdw i bought this house all for you its just a birthday present xxx".

According to the law, dangerous animals can only be kept in a licensed zoo unless permission is granted by the director of veterinary services for them to be kept in adequate enclosures.

Many resorted to social media to lament that just because a warped law permits such exotic animals to be kept in a cage it does not make it right.


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