The general election campaign has been an "intrusive" one which does not respect the voters, according to the university's head of Public Policy Department.

"I've never seen a campaign like this. Hampers, T-shirts, wine, keychains and so on are being distributed by canvassers, people constantly receiving messages on their mobile phones. It's too much. It doesn't respect the electorate," George Vital Zammit told Times Talk. 

Malta heads to a general election on Saturday after a tense five-week campaign, but according to Dr Zammit, the country has entered a permanent campaigning mode.

On Saturday, Dr Zammit believes a good number of the so-called 'floaters' will vote for good governance to underline the importance of respecting the institutions and meritocracy. 

The election has turned into a presidential one, pitting two leaders who clearly have a personality clash, he said. 

While expressing concern about the financial implications of the political pledges made, Dr Zammit said he believes endorsements by foreign political leaders will not help voter sentiments. 

This week's edition of Times Talk was meant to host Prime Minister Joseph Muscat but successive requests for an interview were ignored. 


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