England tried to use a sneaky tactic after conceding a second goal in their World Cup semi-final defeat to Croatia.

With Croatia's players celebrating after Mario Mandzukic's goal, England's Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard thought they had caught Croatia's players off guard as they sneakily attempted to score immediately.

There has been a suggestion that one player must be on the field of play or a quick kick-off could be taken to catch the celebrating team out.

But the theory is a fake. FIFA rules state that all players, except the player taking the kick off, must be in their own half of the field of play before a game can restart. Play can only restart if the referee gives a signal for kick-off to be taken.

Ironically, Panama tried the same tactic in their first-round thumping against England. 

Watch: Panama try to score a goal while England are busy celebrating


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