The Local Enforcement System Agency and Transport Malta are conducting an exercise to identify cars without a valid licence.

This has turned out to be the most persistent problem identified since March last year, when six categories of contravention were downgraded allowing wardens to issue a warning for the first offence, LESA director of operations Elizabeth Vassallo said. Just over 15,000 warnings have been issued since then.

Speaking on Times Talk, she also agreed that the 36 per cent rate of overturned contraventions at the tribunal was too high but that this was being reduced by having wardens give tickets in person, rather than having them sent by mail.

Ms Vassallo also said that the points system was having a deterrent effect on the use of mobile phone and getting people to put on their seat belts. A total of 88 per cent of the cases (7,806 out of 8,800) were given for speeding and this had to be tackled.

Watch the full episode of Times Talk above. 


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