The first official trailer for season 8 of TV super-series Game of Thrones was released late on Sunday, sending shivers of delight down the spines of fans across the globe.

Running just under two minutes and featuring most of the surviving Stark siblings – Arya, Jon, Sansa – the teaser appears to have been shot purposely as a trailer, rather than being made from actual footage from the show.

The Starks walk through Winterfell crypts, among statues of their parents and others. We hear Ned and Catelyn’s voices echo from previous episodes. Then, each of the walking Starks stop – right in front of their own statues. Mist gathers around them, and as the temperature drops, a single feather freezes up.

The first episode of what will be the show’s final season is set to premier on April 14 in the US, with an episode each Saturday for the following five weeks.

HBO is understood to have pulled out all the stops to ensure fans are not left disappointed with the show finale, and each of the six episodes is expected to be the length of a full-feature movie.

Game of Thrones is HBO’s biggest-ever hit, with devoted fans all across the globe and viewership of around 30 million in the USA alone.

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