Renowned film maker Peter Greenaway says he has four more years of creativity inside of him before choosing to end his life. 

The 76-year-old artist, renowned for films like The Draughtsman's Contract, had shocked the film industry in 2012 when he told The Guardian he wanted to kill himself when he turned 80.

Asked whether he had changed his mind, the 76-year-old tells Times Talk he is still determined to forge ahead with his plans.

"Does anyone do anything valuable beyond 80? The energy belongs to young people, it doesn't belong to old people. And I think we should get out of the way. It's selfish. I think the new pornographic frontier is death, not sex anymore. 

"I also want to be in control of my death. So 'happy birthday grandad, have slice of birthday cake, here's the needle'", he said, envisaging his death.

The outspoken film maker is categoric about many issues: he says modern cinema is a "playground of bedtime stories for adults", Christianity is "dead", and disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein an "ignorant pig"...

Mr Greenaway was in Malta in connection with the Valletta Film Festival, which aired the documentary produced by his wife The Greenaway Alphabet.