With six months to go before voters pick their MEPs, the European Parliament is cranking up its efforts to encourage people to cast their vote.

The EP’s This Time I’m Voting campaign seeks to mobilise citizens all across the EU for the May 2019 elections and make people aware that their vote counts and can shape the Europe they want to see.

So far, 100,000 people across the continent have signed up for the campaign, which connects people to talk about why they care about the EU, what they want it to look like in future, what opportunities they hope it provides.

In Malta, people who signed up for events have been keen to discuss European Parliament rights, the future of the EU and young people’s role in it. Concerns about justice and the planet’s future have also featured prominently.

Anyone interested in discussing or finding out more about the EU and European Parliament elections can meet EP Office members and volunteers this weekend at a Lux Prize event being held at Spazju Kreattiv. The event begins on Saturday at 3.30pm and will feature discussions about the EU and why it matters between 5pm and 6pm.



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