As the global drive to shift to renewable energy sources picks up speed, Malta continues to lag behind and still relies almost exclusively on fossil fuels to power the nation. 

What can be done to further diversify Malta's energy mix and help the country achieve its EU-set carbon targets? 

Energy Minister Miriam Dalli joined Professor Luciano Mule Stagno from the Institute for Sustainable Energy and Malta Chamber of Geologists president Dr Peter Gatt to discuss the future of Malta's energy sector, at a business breakfast organised by the EU Commission Representation in Malta in collaboration with Times of Malta.

The event, "Malta's Energy Agenda: Making the Green Transition a Reality", was moderated by journalist Mark Laurence Zammit.

Watch it in the video above. 

Panellists took questions from a live audience of stakeholders as well as viewers on social media.

Offshore wind and solar farms seem to be the most popularly touted solutions for Malta, but other countries have successfully implemented solutions involving hydrogen, geothermal, and even nuclear, energy sources.

Dalli fielded questions on all of them as she and the panel discussed the pros and cons of each solution in this 90-minute event.

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