Malta has become a centre for corruption, according to renowned Italian journalist Roberto Saviano, known for having armed guards because of threats on his life for exposing the secrets of the Naples Mafia.

Speaking on a television programme on Rai 3 on Thursday, the journalist dedicated his entire slot to the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia on October 16.

He described her as a “lone wolf” as she exposed corruption and wrongdoings and dirty money that had taken over in Malta.

When Daphne wrote about money and power, she ended up isolated and people accused her of damaging Malta’s reputation

“When Daphne wrote about money and power, she ended up isolated and people accused her of damaging Malta’s reputation. But the truth was that her journalism was driven by a love for her country. She loved her country, and this is why she got killed,” he said.

Referring to her on a first-name basis, Mr Saviano said that Malta had lost its impunity.

Last month, Mr Saviano wrote an accolade for Ms Caruana Galizia when La Repubblica named her Person of the Year.

“Daphne Caruana Galizia hassled everyone. Her inquiries did not simply touch upon certain people, but an entire system. She saw her island transformed into an international money-laundering centre.

“She was killed because she understood the illegal flows of money through Malta and she understood this was a question of someone or certain people doing wrong, but that it was an entire system designed for the flow of dirty money,” he had written.

On Thursday, he referred to a number of Ms Caruana Galizia's most hard-hitting stories, including the one in which she alleged that Economy Minister Chris Cardona had been seen at a German brothel while on official duty, and the allegations that the Prime Minister’s wife Michelle Muscat was the ultimate beneficiary owner of the third secret Panama company Egrant.

He also referred to the allegation that Ms Caruana Galizia had made about connections with the Azerbaijani royal family.

The journalist also made reference to the Facebook post posted by police sergeant Ramon Mifsud Grech soon after Ms Caruana Galizia’s death in which he had celebrated her cruel death.

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