Democratic Party leader Marlene Farrugia has refused to rule out running for the Nationalist Party leadership, barely one hour after becoming the first third party candidate elected to parliament in half a century

"At this stage I exclude nothing," she said when asked whether she would contest the PN leadership vacated by Simon Busuttil's resignation. 

WATCH: Marlene Farrugia greeted with taunts at Naxxar counting hall

In a press conference held at the Naxxar counting hall, Dr Farrugia said her election in the 10th District - a PN stronghold - as part of the PD-PN coalition was a reflection that the PN's core voters were not happy with the old PN. 

"They chose a candidate with Labour roots," she said adding this showed how the traditional pigeonholing was no longer a reality. "Let us think outside the box," she said.

When it was suggested that a new PN leader may not want to continue the coalition with PD, she said "we will persuade them."

Dr Farrugia's arrival at the counting hall was greeted with taunts by Labour Party supporters, who chanted "Viva l-Labour" as she and her partner Godfrey Farrugia walked by.