Although motorbike and scooter drivers may have an easier time of morning traffic, some are still ready to risk a dangerous situation for a small advantage.

Dashcam footage sent to Times of Malta shows a scooter dangerously crossing into the opposite lane near the Lija roundabout and driving close to its centre for a few seconds on Tuesday morning, just to overtake a short column of slow-moving traffic.

“It's very sad to hear the news of fatalities involving drivers but this is not the way to overtake,” the motorist who sent in the footage said.

The same motorist had faced another uncomfortable situation on the road just hours before.

A second dashcam clip shows a jogger heading up Mdina Road in Mrie─žel at around 7.45am, running well away from the pavement and into oncoming traffic. Long-distance runners often aim for tarmac surfaces over harder concrete, to minimise the impact on their joints.

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A jogger forgoes the pavement during his Tuesday morning run.


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