Sometimes, it’s just better to say it with a song.

And if the social media reaction to Australia's Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman’s performance is anything to go by, there will be a lot more singing in chambers across the world next year.

The MP gave a politically-inspired version of Simon & Garfunkel's classic Sound of Silence to close out WA Parliament for the year.

Wetting his whistle, the MP and Leader of the House, opened with ‘Hello Speaker, my old friend,’ and proceeded to poke fun at his colleagues, as well as neatly summarising some of the events that have shaped WA’s year.

The Speaker, Peter Watson, was not prepared for the ditty and delivered this barb to Mr Templeman: “I distinctly remember your wife saying you weren’t allowed to do that this year.”

Political observers from countries far and wide have commended Mr Templeman’s efforts on Twitter for bringing a brief moment of joy and humanity to parliament.


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