Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on Thursday expressed admiration for the "extremely resilient" Theresa May, saying that the British Prime Minister had to be given the opportunity to fulfil the mandate handed to her. 

"I see no sort of alternative for her," he said. "Those trying to undermine her have not really offered an alternative. This is the only possible Brexit for those in the UK who want it," Dr Muscat told the Times of Malta

The Prime Minister added that he did not “see an alternative in the Conservative party other than May's plan”.

Dr Muscat was speaking on the sidelines of an EU summit at which member state leaders spoke with one voice and said there was no chance of any further negotiation on an eventual Brexit deal. 

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Ms May survived a no confidence vote from the Conservative party earlier this week after heated debates on the UK and EU agreement for Brexit. 

Dr Muscat expressed "a lot of admiration" for his British counterpart and indicated he felt sorry for her and her predicament.   

"I can think of very few people who, in such circumstances, can be as resilient as her". 



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