Marlene Farrugia has turned the tables on Michelle Muscat after she denounced the bullying suffered by her children, with the PD MP saying it was the prime minister and his wife who should apologise to all Malta's children instead.

"If you don't stop bullies everywhere then you have no right to talk about bullying... Joseph and Michelle Muscat should apologise to all the children of Malta, including their own,” Dr Farrugia told Times Talk.

In a newspaper interview, Ms Muscat took aim at her children's private school, accusing it of doing nothing to prevent the bullying her children suffered in the wake of the Egrant story.

Dr Farrugia, a former Labour MP, was speaking in the context of the threats that she and her partner often received, and which she alleges are growing with the "blessing" of the government.

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"If Joseph Muscat had acted in time, the country's reputation would have been preserved… The government is the biggest bully because it is bulldozing over issues of governance, environment and social justice."

She reiterated that the Egrant inquiry, which acquitted the Muscats, was a legal process and it was still not known who owned the secret Panama company.

If the prime minister wants to convince the country and leave no trail of suspicion he should sack Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi at once, she said.

There's so much in common between Adrian Delia and Joseph Muscat. Delia is destroying the Nationalist Party from within

But she reserved equal acrimony towards PN leader Adrian Delia, who she accused of grabbing the opportunity to try to get rid of Simon Busuttil  before he had even read the inquiry.

“There's so much in common between Adrian Delia and Joseph Muscat. Delia is destroying the Nationalist Party from within. He's serving the government.”

Defending her reputation of switching allegiance between political blocs, Dr Farrugia said PD was the only serious party left in Malta.

"I’m only here to defend the people. I remained consistent in my beliefs, others shifted,” saying she had been determined to push through the message of Forza Nazzjonali, which fought on a platform of clean governance.

Questioned whether she believed that she and her partner Godfrey Farrugia, also an MP, would be re-elected without the Forza Nazzjonali platform, her reply was categoric: “Yes, we will get elected. The country needs a new political force which gives importance to the man in the street. Neither the PN nor the PL has the interests of people at heart.”

The interview was shot on Monday before Adrian Delia announced a truce with Dr Busuttil.


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