Panama’s torrid time against England at the World Cup has been compounded by a video poking fun at their players for having tried to cheekily score a goal while England players were celebrating off the pitch.

Video shot by fans who witnessed the 6-1 thrashing in person shows a Panamanian player quickly picking up the ball and running back to the centre circle as English players rush off to celebrate their captain Harry Kane having scored his second penalty of the match.

With every England outfield player off the pitch, Panama quickly kick off and start running towards the English goal, unimpeded.

But at one point the referee catches wind of what is going on and blows his whistle to stop the attempt, as a Panamanian player meekly kicks the ball towards England keeper Jordan Pickford.

Panama’s attempt was clearly illegal according to the rules of the game. FIFA rules state that all players, except the player taking the kick off, must be in their own half of the field of play before a game can restart. Furthermore, the referee must give a signal before a team can kick-off.