Plastic chairs, sunbeds and even metal gates await scuba divers who will be cleaning up the St Paul’s Bay seabed in two weeks’ time.

Diver and clean-up activist Raniero Borg highlighted the wasteland beneath the waves at Sirens Bay in a series of videos he uploaded to his Facebook page.

Winter currents have washed more than 50 tyres and several pieces of large plastic debris close to shore, making the area ripe for a marine clean-up.

While much of the litter will have to be dumped, metal barriers which lie on the sea floor could be reused by the St Paul’s Bay local council, Mr Borg said.

The clean-up, which is slated to take place on April 6, is joinly organised by Mr Borg’s company Raniero’s Adventures, clean-up NGO Żibel and Edward Sultana’s No to Plastic Malta.

People do not need to be qualified divers to help out, Mr Borg said: the activity will also require several helping hands on land.