Rentals may have reached a high but the head of the Malta Developers’ Association real estate section is convinced that the market will correct itself when the right time came, as it had in the past.

Douglas Salt, who has 35 years of experience in the sector, said that there was no sign of a property bubble, even though 26,000 permits have been issued in the past five years, and stressed that it in the interest of both developers and real estate agents to ensure that there was a health supply as well as a healthy demand.

In Times Talk, Mr Salt also explains how the estate agents ended up back under the same umbrella as developers.

The section was formed within the MDA just a few weeks ago, signalling the end of a few years of wrangling. The Federation of Real Estate Agents, set up in 2006, had first affiliated with the MDA in 2015, but had then been pulled out of it by its then president Kevin Buttigieg in 2017.

Watch the full Times Talk as from May 2.


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