In this fourth video in a series of clips intended to raise awareness on animal welfare, Alison Bezzina, the Commissioner for Animal Welfare, speaks about what responsible dog ownership entails.

Dogs are a human’s best friend. Always loyal, loveable and simply adorable.   Since dogs have been domesticated over a long period of time, they have now come to a point where they seek human company more than anything else.   Many times, if given the choice, a dog will choose the company of a human over the company of another dog or any other animal.

Should you be considering getting a dog, always adopt from a sanctuary

This means that dog owners are not only responsible to provide food, water, shelter and medical care for their dogs, but in order to safeguard their psychological well-being, dogs should also be provided with lots of interaction, enrichment, play, exercise and above all human company. In other words, dogs should not be left to live in isolation where human interaction is very minimal like roofs, garages or yards.

And of course, should you be considering getting a dog, always adopt from a sanctuary. This makes space for other abandoned dogs and saves a life. Before adopting however, make sure you’re committed enough because dogs require lots of time and energy. In addition, different breeds have different requirements so make sure to find a good match for your lifestyle, personality, financial resources and time availability.  

If you’re ready for the commitment make sure to do your research, speak to your vet and your family, then get your dog a well-fitting harness, a comfortable bed, lots of toys, and get ready for some fun. 

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