A $1.2 million Canadian lottery win photo-op turned sour when one of the winners turned to the other and told him “see you in court.”

The Nova Scotia lottery was won by a ticket with the names of an aunt and her nephew on the ticket.

But Barbra Reddick claims her nephew, Tyrone MacInnis, was lying about their agreement.

"It was my ticket," she told people at the prize-giving ceremony. "I bought the ticket and now he's trying to lie and say I said split.”

As the aunt and nephew posed for the cameras with a giant cheque, Mr MacInnis smiled while Mrs Reddick was far more sour. After the photos, she stormed off, saying she would be taking her nephew to court.

“I’m getting a lawyer tomorrow,” she said. “You can print that.”

Mrs Reddick said she had put her nephew’s name on the ticket “for good luck”.

“He was lucky, but not for half a million dollars,” she added.



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