Updated with new video

If you happened to be driving along the St Paul's Bay bypass this morning you may have wondered where the strong smell of decaying fish was coming from.

The nauseating odour was emanating from a solid white line of scum witnessed on the surface of the sea along the St Paul's Bay and Qawra coastlines and recorded in the video above.

Reader Anthony Weitz also submitted the video above taken at 7pm today showing more fish farm sludge,

Times of Malta reported earlier this month the government has been warned that the volume of slime reported this year was “unprecedented”, indicating that illegalities have got out of hand.

The owner of a fish farm had said that the industry caused pollution and that owners had to face the fact that they would have to move.

Following his statement, the Environment Ministry and Fisheries parliamentary secretariat jointly announced that an investigation into fish farm pollution had been opened.


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