No country in Europe has more roads per capita than Malta, but that has not stopped gridlock from spreading across the country's transport network. 

In this #TimesTalk interview, sustainability consultant Louis Borg touches upon Malta's traffic sore spot. 

Complaining about road projects is all well and good, he argues, but the problem runs deeper than many activists are willing to admit. 

"This is not just a Maltese problem," he says. "All those protesting have cars, but then they say they don't want road [projects]. We need to find innovative solutions." 

Road widening projects make sense when taken in a broader context, he argues, as they give the country some breathing room while it plans for the medium- and long-term. The question is, what plans are there, and which solutions should authorities plump for? 

A much-talked about metro could be a good idea, he concedes, though it will take 25 years to properly develop. 

What to do until then? Mr Borg has some ideas - and free buses are not one of them. 

Watch the full #TimesTalk interview in the above video.


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