Updated 2.05pm with company statement

A quick-thinking driver narrowly avoided disaster in Ħal Far as a large trailer overtook another vehicle in a dangerous manoeuvre caught on dashcam.

The drivers narrowly avoided a head-on collision in a close shave that could have had tragic repercussions. 

The video, posted to RUBS Road Page on Friday, was captured on the road which runs beside the airport runway.

Two giant trailers, one on each side of the road, are seen rapidly approaching the car. One of them is seen being driven on the wrong side of the road as it attempts to overtake the first trailer, while getting dangerously close to the car driving towards them.

Realising the potential danger, the driver of car is seen coming to a halt in an attempt to give the trailer enough time and space to overtake and get back in the right lane and avoid a head-on collision. The trailer driver manages the dangerous manoeuvre just in time before it hits the car.

When contacted, a spokesperson for Concorde International Freight Forwarders Ltd said the driver has been temporarily suspended until the management decides the disciplinary action to be taken in the driver's regard, after hearing his version of the incident.

"Our company has always promoted and encouraged safe driving both local and abroad hence such behaviour does not represent the ethos of the company. In the meantime, I have personally contacted the third party and have extended a sincere apology on behalf of the company. I can confirm that the third party has accepted our apology."

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