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One of the residents of an apartment block whose wall collapsed into a building site on Thursday morning spoke of her frustration about how those responsible for the site and the authorities had done nothing about her repeated warnings.

Janet Walker, 44, spoke of the uncertain future her family now faces, unable to get into their house, not even to fetch a holy communion dress needed for Sunday.

A total of 14 adults and two children were evacuated from three apartments after the collapse, the second such incident in a week.

Video - Chris Sant Fournier

Sandro Chetcuti, president of the Malta Developers' Association was on site on Thursday and reiterated his association's call for action. (See below)

He said new regulations should ensure that prior to works, investigations are carried out on the structural stability of existing buildings.

Mayor: All those living next to construction sites ‘worried they will be next’

Mayor Keith Tanti said he had received multiple complaints from residents and had forwarded reports on the site to the Building Regulations Office months ago.

“They had told us they were following the matter,” he said.

Asked whether he still had trust in the BRO, Mr Tanti said the entity had limited resources. 

Mr Tanti said it was clear people were worried: “Everyone who knows the site next to him will be torn down is worried they are going to be next."

The mayor was on site following the collapse to help residents find alternative accommodation. 

“We are here to see that residents have all the basic necessities- what to eat, what to drink, and shelter from the heat,” Mr Tanti said.

Asked whether alternative accommodation would be provided, Mr Tanti said the situation was fluid but that arrangements were being made.

The video below was recorded and uploaded to Facebook last month.


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