Reforming prostitution laws is a thorny subject at the best of times, but for Women's Rights Foundation director Lara Dimitrejivic, the evidence is clear. 

"Studies show that the Nordic model works," she argues in a Times Talk interview to be uploaded tomorrow. 

The Nordic model makes it a crime to buy sex,  but not a crime to sell it. First introduced in Sweden almost two decades ago, the intention is to disincentivise demand for prostitution while offering sex workers support and education to transition out of the trade and into more secure employment. 

In this interview, Dr Dimitrejivic argues that legalising prostitution is a red herring, that court sentencing can something send out mixed messages and that there is no room for so-called gentlemen's clubs - regulated or otherwise - in a society which values women and does not tolerate their exploitation. 

Watch the full interview tomorrow on our website.


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