A prominent US white supremacist who led violent rallies in Virginia last year has received a dressing down by his own father live on the internet.

Jason Kessler, who was one of the main organisers of the Unite the Right group that turned violent during marches in Charlottesville, Virginia last year, was interrupted during a live streamed conversation he was having with a neo-Nazi political hopeful.

“Get out of my room!” his father yelled as Mr Kessler tried to discuss Orthodox Jews with Patrick Little, who ran as a Republican for the US senate in California.

“I want this to stop in my room, Jason, this is my room,” his father continues.

Mr Kessler subsequently admits to Mr Little that he is living with his parents, blaming legal bills due to his Unite the Right activities. 

The video rounds off a bad month for Mr Kessler, who saw plans for a large right-wing rally in Washington DC fall flat last week when fewer than 50 activists turned up. 

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