The government can do its utmost to delay justice but it can never run away from the corruption claims it faces, according to former investigator Jonathan Ferris.

"Tardare si, scappare no" (you can run, but you can't hide)," Mr Ferris said when asked if he fears delaying tactics to derail his claims.

Speaking on Times Talk, a combative Mr Ferris said he is prepared to seek remedy overseas.

Mr Ferris claims he has information about corruption, abuse of power and money laundering over the last few years reaching the higher echelons of government. 

The former police inspector was sidelined at the government's anti-money-laundering agency (the FIAU) just days after a Russian whistleblower claimed the Panama company Egrant was owned by the Prime Minister's wife.

The claim, reported by Daphne Caruana Galizia on her blog, has been vehemently denied by Joseph and Michelle Muscat and is the subject of a magisterial inquiry.

He says he is "not surprised at all" that his claim for whistleblower protection was turned down.

"Who on earth would give you the opportunity to fire at him?", he said, adding that the government believes he is "too dangerous". 

"The government told me to present the proof. Now I have the proof... There are crimes of commission, and crimes of omission. We will get the answers in time," he said.

Asked what he would have done had he been still investigating the Egrant case, Mr Ferris said he would have summoned all political parties to declare their sponsorships and investigated them against tax returns and bank accounts. 

Was he linking Egrant to one of the political parties?

"Possibly," he replied cryptically.

He asked why following his dismissal, Pilatus Bank was given a clean bill of health by the deputy director of the FIAU, saying he knew too well what went on at the Ta' Xbiex-based bank.

"Why was the bank given a second opportunity when accountants, lawyers, auditors are not given a second opportunity prior being sanctioned."

Mr Ferris laughed off suggestions made by former minister Edward Zammit Lewis who claimed the Pilatus chairman had only been carrying clothes when he was filmed holding bags at night when the Egrant story broke.

"I don't know what was inside the bag. However, definitely it was not carrying clothes," he said.

The chairman of Pilatus Bank was arrested in the US last week.

Despite saying he still feared for his safety, Mr Ferris said he no longer carries a gun for his own protection.

"I was brought up to only fear God... I'm optimistic because I bow down in front of no-one and I fear no-one."


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