Prime minister Robert Abela said the Labour Party has a duty to be "brave" and take decisions that bring about change to improve Malta. 

In his first address to party delegates since the March election, the Labour leader said that in the wake of the election, it is crucial that "regeneration and change" continue to happen. 

"We need to take decisions. This is crucial. Those who do not take decisions fail. We need to be courageous and take decisions," he urged the delegates during the first day of the party's general conference.

The conference culminates on Sunday with a mass meeting outside Castille. The mass meeting will be Abela's first since he took over from Joseph Muscat in January 2020. Mass events were banned a few weeks after Abela took office because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"This will be the first time since you trusted me to serve as Labour leader that we will be able to properly celebrate Labour Day and we are ready to send a strong message that we will continue to work together for a bright future for this country," Abela said.

The prime minister also noted how the party had a duty to implement the 1,000 promises made in the electoral manifesto while also keeping in mind "those people who might have been disappointed" by Labour. 

"We need to keep in mind that regeneration and change are crucial. We want the Labour Party to remain strong. We say this not to boast about how many votes we won but to improve people's lives. 

"These past five weeks have been nothing but hard work. It's our responsibility to implement the 1,000 proposals we promised ahead of the election," he said.

Earlier, Health Minister and Labour's deputy leader Chris Fearne reflected on the March election, saying the party needed to address the fact that 15% of voters stayed home.

"We need to get these15% on our side. Even those who are against us, we need to work hard to bring them onboard. We want to work with everyone. We want everyone to succeed," Fearne said. 

He also said that moving forward, the party has to be the "champions" when it comes to the environment.

"Climate change is not some Hollywood film," Fearne said. 

In the coming days, the PL will vote to confirm Abela as leader, in line with the Labour statute. 


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