Prime Minister Robert Abela appealed to Gozitans on Wednesday not to underestimate the power they had to elect a party that was always close to them, as shown particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We were not perfect in the past two years, but we were with you. I now need you to get things done," he said with reference to the implementation of the proposals in the Labour electoral programme.

"I know there are those who are being told to stay at home because there is no need for a strong mandate. They want to say that Gozo is theirs again, but you should not underestimate your power,” he told a gathering of party supporters in Xewkija.

Addressing the last electoral event in Gozo, Abela spoke how previous PN governments had taken Gozo for granted, resulting in it becoming worse off after EU accession. In the last two years, since his appointment, employment had risen to unprecedented levels and Gozo now has the lowest unemployment rate, he said.

Gozo, he said, was mentioned 300 times in the Labour electoral programme, with 53 direct proposals and no 'terms and conditions'. 

“The only condition is that people vote for the Labour Party and vote as early as possible,” he said.

He said Labour’s vision for Gozo is for it to be first to become climate neutral and first in the digital transformation.

“Continue believing in yourselves and continue believing in us,” Abela said to applause.

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