10 years ago - The Times

Monday, April 6, 2009

No officials expected to resign yet on VAT fraud

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi yesterday indicated there would be no resignations at the VAT department before the police conclude their investigations into tax fraud that is believed to be on a massive scale.

Asked whether he felt top level officials should resign in the wake of the arrests of employees made on Friday, he said he would not interfere.

“I have always believed that the police have their role in the country and we should not influence it,” he said, adding that if necessary, steps would be taken against anyone found responsible.

The statement comes as the scale of the fraud came further to light following a report in The Sunday Times which said the money siphoned off is believed to run into millions and that the scam probably has been going on for years.

Doubts over wind farm

Foreign experts have told the government that an offshore wind farm at Sikka l-Bajda off Mellie─ža was not viable, Alternattiva Demokdratika said yesterday. The party has demanded that the German experts’ conclusions be published, claiming it has information that the offshore project’s viability has been ruled out.

25 years ago - The Times

Wednesday, April 6, 1994

Violent storm hits Malta: Damage estimated at thousands of liri

People were yesterday wondering at the vagaries of the weather which sent them a violent storm on Monday after lengthy idyllic days of spring sunshine.

The torrential rain, coupled with winds which reached gusts of gale force nine, uprooted trees, flooded houses and left hundreds of motorists stranded.

It caused thousands of liri worth of damage to buildings and cars, and widespread power cuts.

And more than 60 cases of flooding were reported to the police as an astonishing 92.2mm of rain fell between noon on Monday and 11am yesterday – not very much less than during the whole of April, 1955, when the highest April rainfall was recorded.

PN censures two council candidates

Nationalist Party general secretary Austin Gatt yesterday censured two party candidates for the Sliema local council elections over promotion activities which breach the party’s rules.

Half a century ago - Sunday Times of Malta

Sunday, April 6, 1969

Better relations between Church and MLP

A joint statement by the Church authorities and the Malta Labour Party, issued yesterday, said that relations between the Church and the Party had improved considerably and the hope was expressed that this goodwill would contribute towards future peace.

The following is an English translation of the full text of the statement in Maltese, dated April 4, 1969:

“After various long discussions between Mr Dom Mintoff, Malta Labour Party leader, and His Lordship Mgr E. Gerada, Bishop Co-adjutor, on behalf of the Ecclesiastical Authorities of Malta and Gozo, it was agreed to sign this document:

“The Church authorities in these Islands and the representatives of the Malta Labour Party make the following declaration:

“In modern society it is necessary to draw a distinction between the political community and the Church. The very nature of the Church demands that she does not interfere in politics.

“The Church Authority has the duty and the right to safeguard her spiritual and temporal interests and, when necessary, to teach which principles are correct and which are wrong. The Church does not impose mortal sin as a censure.”