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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Environmental damage from fuel spill not as bad as feared

Preliminary investigations indicate that the environmental damage to Birżebbuġa valley where 31 tons of aviation fuel were spilled “is not as bad as one would expect”. Tests are still under way but the immediate efforts to draw back the spilled fuel and the fact that the leak occurred at the edge of the aquifer means that the contamination of ground water may not be as great as feared, sources have told The Times.

FAA accuses foundation of dismissing voice of public

Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar (FAA) expressed surprise at what it said was the way St John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation came out strongly against public participation in the debate over the proposed extension of the museum at St John’s. Reacting to a statement issued by the foundation, FAA said: “Far from being based on speculation, the stand adopted by the FAA was arrived at after researching the information available, attending the foundation’s presentation, widespread consultation and study of the file at the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, it said. “Just as FAA committee members are not experts in the matter, neither are members of the foundation.”

25 years ago - The Times

Monday, August 23, 1993

Dolphins are in perfect health, say fun park owners

Splash and Fun Park owners yesterday hit out at allegations that they are maltreating the three dolphins they have at the Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq complex. The claims were made in yesterday’s English tabloid the Sunday Mirror.

The report said the three Russian dolphins are being kept in “stagnant water” and that they are facing being “boiled alive”.

A fun park director dismissed the claims as false and he was backed by Kemal Gincharadze, a dolphin expert brought from Georgia to make sure the dolphins are taken care of.

“They are in perfect health and they really don’t seem to mind the conditions. We change the water frequently so it doesn’t stagnate or get too warm.” When The Times reporter went to the park yesterday Mr Gincharadze got in with the dolphins and they swam up to him. They contentedly rolled around as he stroked them. They genuinely seemed to be happy.

Briton drowns in Gozo

A 21-year-old British national drowned off Mġarr ix-Xini yesterday evening. Luca Attilio Bertucci, a military pilot who was in Malta on holiday, was diving without aqualungs when he apparently got stuck in a cave.

Half a century ago - Times of Malta

Friday, August 23, 1968

Greek royal couple arrive in yacht for holiday in Malta

King Constantine of Greece and Queen Anna Maria, accompanied by their two children, are on a short holiday in Malta. The royal couple arrived yesterday in the super-luxury yacht Anemos I, which flies the Liberian flag and is owned by Greek shipping magnate Alexander Goulandris. Queen Frederika, the Queen Mother, is also said to be aboard the yacht. The Greek royal couple have been living in Italy for the last 10 months soon after the Coup of the Colonels put Mr Papadopoulos in power.

Maltese pianist booked for more concerts in S. America

Maryann Kissaun, the Maltese concert pianist, who returned from Argentina earlier this week after an absence of two months, gave many recitals, played concerts as well as broadcast several times. She was also engaged to inaugurate the seasonal activities in Buenos Aires and Bahia Blanca. Her performances were such a success that she has been booked for more concerts in various parts of South America in 1969. Before she returns to South America she has been engaged to premiere a piano concerto in the UK which the Maltese composer Charles Camilleri is dedicating to her.


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