10 years ago - The Sunday Times

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Il-Bully runs the show in prison, inmates say

Perry Toornstra, the Dutch inmate at the centre of prison guard abuse allegations – who es­caped and was recaptured – used prisoner Leli Camilleri, known as Il-Bully, as an intermediary to help him obtain prison leave, The Sunday Times has learnt. Four prison guards were charged on August 16 with beating Toornstra after he tried to escape on his return from an hour’s prison leave a week earlier. The Dutchman is serving 15 years for drug trafficking.

Long stay at Olympic Games

Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and Sport, Clyde Puli, spent 16 days in Beijing watching the Olympic Games on a trip that cost the public coffers €7,728. He was joined by his wife and son, though his spokesman said their air fares were paid privately. Sources said some senior government officials were angered by the length of Mr Puli’s stay in Beijing.

ATMs targeted by fraudsters

Police are investigating after “suspicious-looking” devices were attached to three bank ATMs, though no clients have been duped, The Sunday Times has learnt.

25 years ago - The Times

Tuesday, August 24, 1993

Brothers lost, found at sea in nightmare fishing jaunt

Two brothers who were lost at sea 40 miles off Malta yesterday accused the Armed Forces and Valletta Radio of being responsible for the loss of their fishing boat. Noel Fava, 19, and his brother Frankie, 16, of Birżebbuġa, said their father was not allowed to go out for them on his boat, the Vaxxella. The claims were denied by the AFM. Valletta Radio did not comment.

The brothers went fishing on their 20-foot boat, the Xambek, at around 5.30 on Sunday morning. At around 3pm they decided to make for shore, but realised after some time that they were lost. “We could see no land,” Frankie said, adding that the compass was not functioning.

“All of a sudden something came up in the distance. It turned out to be a supertanker,” his brother continued. This was around 7pm, and the brothers sailed round the Cojo Spirit for more than an hour shouting at the top of their voices to attract the attention of the crew.

“After about an hour, a rope ladder was thrown down to us. We were made welcome aboard the tanker,” said Frankie. Due to sea conditions the two-engined boat overturned and broke into pieces when 20 miles off Malta.

About four miles off Malta, the two brothers were lowered on to the Vaxxella from where they proceeded to Lascaris Wharf in Valletta.  

Half a century ago - Times of Malta

Saturday, August 24, 1968

University appointment for Dr Quentin Hughes

J. Quentin Hughes, sub-dean at the School of Architecture at the University of Liverpool, has been appointed head of the Department of Architecture at the Royal University of Malta. Dr Hughes is the author of The Building of Malta. A forthcoming book by him is entitled Fortress  – Architecture and Townscape of Malta.

Dr Hughes was last year approached by the government with a view to restoring one of the old forts in Malta and converting it into a museum to display photographs and models of the architecture of Malta. He takes special interest in Malta because, according to him, nowhere else is found such a range of magnificent baroque monuments in a fine state of preservation.

Princess Sophia of Spain joins Greek royals in Malta

Princess Sophia, wife of Prince Juan Carlos of Bourbon, heir apparent to the vacant Spanish throne, arrived yesterday afternoon by air to join the Greek royal family on their brief yachting holi­day in Malta. Her children are also aboard the two yachts, together with the children of King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie.


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