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Monday, August 25, 2008

Party culture fuelling demand for cocaine

Cocaine is increasingly popular among Maltese youngsters especially due to the glamorous way it is portrayed in the media and be­cause it is used for partying, according to various experts on substance abuse. The experts were asked for their comments in the wake of a recent EU-wide survey which found that the Maltese are more prone than youngsters in most other countries to consider cocaine easy to obtain and to pose no serious health risk. The results of the Eurobarometer survey were published in The Times last week.

Ministry probe over inmates who act as middlemen

The Home Affairs Ministry has launched a probe into the prison director’s practice of having two inmates act as intermediaries for the rest of the prisoners. The investigation was launched in the wake of a report in The Sunday Times which revealed that the Dutch inmate at the centre of prison guard abuse allegations used prisoner Leli Camilleri as an intermediary to help him obtain prison leave. Prison director Sandro Gatt admitted as much and even confirmed that Mr Camilleri’s involvement in such requests appears to be more or less standard procedure in prison.

25 years ago - The Times

Wednesday, August 25, 1993

Dolphins’ pool ‘too shallow’

The Moviment ghall-Ambjent said it would op­pose any attempt to use dolphins in some sort of show. It was already shameful that the dolphins at the Splash and Fun complex at Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq had to endure many months in a pool which was surely too small and shallow for them, the movement said. It added that the dolphins should never have been brought here when there was no appropriate place for them, and that they should be moved to a deeper pool.

Vittoriosa residents protest over poor water supply

Hundreds of Vittoriosa residents yesterday vented their anger at years of water supply cuts. They gathered in Vittoriosa’s main square, then walked around the town banging buckets and bottles, shouting “We want water”. Some said they only have water for two days a week and even then the pressure in the taps is very weak.

Talks over TV frequencies

The government has been in contact with the Italian authorities over two television frequencies allocated to Malta in 1961 but at present used by Italian stations.

Half a century ago - Sunday Times of Malta

Sunday, August 25, 1968

Czech student in Malta says invasion will not be forgotten

A young Czechoslovak graduate of economics said yesterday that his people will never forget the Russian invasion. “Hungary did forget her terrible episode and is now one of the Soviet Union’s best friends. The situation in Hungary was completely different from that in Czechoslovakia before the invasion. There was civil war in Hungary before the Russians took over.”

The graduate, 25-year-old Milos Motoska, arrived in Malta early yesterday morning from Sicily on a planned one-month visit on an ex­change basis under the auspices of the International Association of Students of Economics. Milos left Czechoslovakia last Sunday and was in Rome when he learned that the Russians had occupied his country.

In Malta, Milos will undergo training in accountancy with Titchener and Co.

The local branch of the association has received no news of Alex Sciberras Trigona, who was on his way to Czechoslovakia to spend a short period of training with a chocolate manufacturing company in Prague in exchange with Milos.

Both the student movement and the Czechoslovakia people supported reformist and libe­ral-minded Alexander Dubcek. Milos said: “We will not get rid of the Russian troops very soon.”


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