10 years ago - The Times

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Prison director resigns

Prison director Sandro Gatt has resigned and has asked to resume his duties within the police corps, a request which was accepted by the Justice Ministry yesterday.

The news comes just two days after The Sunday Times reported that a notorious prisoner, Leli Camilleri known as Il-Bully, was running the show behind bars.

In the article, Superintendent Gatt was reported admitting that Mr Camilleri’s involvement as an intermediary between himself and the prisoners was more or less standard procedure.

The situation within the prison came under scrutiny after four prison guards were charged with beating Dutch inmate Perry Toornstra, who had tried to escape at the end of an hour’s prison leave. The ministry has appointed an independent board to investigate the reports.

Karl Chircop to get treatment in UK

Labour MP Karl Chircop, who is in a coma after suffering a stroke early this month, will be flown to Britain tomorrow for further treatment after showing “positive signs”, the Health Division said yesterday.

25 years ago - The Times

Friday, August 27, 1993

Luxury yacht destroyed in fire

A fire yesterday reduced a large luxury yacht to a hulk, revealing gaping holes in Maltese marine fire control preparedness.

The blaze destroyed the 160-foot Spalmatori, anchored at G─žadira Bay, despite efforts by the AFM’s maritime squadron to control it.

The crew of seven abandoned ship and were rushed to hospital, two of them practically unconscious from smoke inhalation.

The yacht radioed for help at 5.25am and a patrol boat, P-25, went alongside within a quarter of an hour.

“We went on board and saw smoke in the engine room but no fire.

“We trained our hose at it as best as we could to cool down the place. It was pitch darkness, the lighting having failed. After some time we saw flames coming from the bilges forward,” said Lance Bombardier Robert Zammit, master of P-25.

The patrol boat crew was preparing to tackle the flames when an explosion suddenly shook the yacht, throwing two of them back to their patrol boat.

The yacht’s crewmen jumped into the sea as most of the brilliant white vessel was suddenly engulfed in flames that shot up higher than its two masts.

50 years ago - Times of Malta

Tuesday, August 27, 1968

Foreman charged with theft

Joseph Falzon, 42, of Qormi, was yesterday arraigned before Magistrate Dr J. Debono and charged with having, on July 10 at 10.15am stolen four women’s handbags valued at €4.18s from Mifsud Verandahs at Marsa, to the detriment of the Comptroller of Customs and Emmanuel Borg.

Falzon pleaded not guilty.

Senior Warehousing and Landing Officer J. Bugeja testified that Falzon, who works as a foreman at Marsa, had been riding in a lorry which was transporting damaged cargo from the New Quay to Mifsud Verandahs at Marsa.

On its arrival the lorry was searched.

Falzon was asked to open the lorry’s tool box and the stolen articles were found inside it, the witness said.

He asked the accused what the handbags were doing there and the accused had replied that they were loose gatherings from the damaged cargo.

Etna erupts

Rivers of flames flowed down the east face of Mount Etna today as the mountain erupted in a fresh burst of volcanic activity.