10 years ago - The Times

Friday, December 5, 2008

PN general secretary defends e-mail, Labour leader says the law was broken

After two weeks of silence, Nationalist Party general secretary Paul Borg Olivier responded to allegations that he breached the law when asking Cabinet to forward personal details of people making complaints.

The allegations surfaced when Dr Borg Olivier sent an e-mail to all Cabinet ministers and mistakenly copied to Labour Party general secretary Jason Micallef instead of Parliamentary Secretary Jason Azzopardi.

The e-mail was published yesterday by Labour leader Joseph Muscat during a press conference when he called on the new Data Protection Commissioner to launch an investigation. Apart from other members of the Cabinet, the e-mail was also sent to the PN’s strategy group and the party’s customer care section.

In it, Dr Borg Olivier referred to the conclusions of a meeting they all had in which it was decided how such information should be shared. The controversial line says: “...every customer care office is being asked to hand all the data on a template. The data should include 1) personal data of persons who move a complaint to the customer care of the ministry/parliamentary secretariat in the past eight months, 2) type of request, 3) Action and 4) Results”.

25 years ago - The Times

Sunday, December 5, 1993

New UN sanctions ‘will not affect’ Libya-Malta relations

Malta’s relations with Libya have been “unaffected” by the new United Nations sanctions which came into effect last Wednesday, Foreign Minister Guido de Marco told The Sunday Times.

The sanctions were adopted by the Security Council following Libya’s refusal to hand over for trial two of its nationals wanted by Britain and the United States in connection with the explosion of a Pan Am airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland, five years ago, in which 270 persons were killed.

Regulations bringing the new sanctions into force were published in the Government Gazette on Tuesday. The Sunday Times also sought the comments of the ministers of Finance and of Economic Services, regarding possible effects on the Maltese economy, and asked a legal expert for his interpretation of the regulations.

Finance Minister John Dalli said the sanctions would have little impact on the local economy, while Economic Affairs Minister George Bonello Du Puis said: “We have seen to it that Maltese jobs are safeguarded”.

The legal expert explained that all funds and assets owned by the Libyan government before December 1 are frozen, cutting Libya’s liquidity.

Half a century ago - Times of Malta

Thursday, December 5, 1968

Prime Minister’s statement on Far East tour

Prime Minister Dr G. Borg Olivier yesterday made a statement to the House on his visit to Taiwan, Japan, India and Singapore at the invitation of those countries. The visit, he said, had taken place in November, because in these countries during summer ministers and other officials would be on holiday.

He added: “I took every opportunity to see what was being done in the economic development of each country. In this way one could understand and appreciate the methods being used and how far they can be applied to Malta. New arrangements for technical help have been made with Taiwan and five Chinese architects will soon be coming to help Malta.”

British businessmen coming to Malta on investment survey

An investment mission composed of British businessmen is scheduled to attend a three-day conference in Malta in February to study Malta’s economy development and see the facilities the island offers as a base for companies trading in the Mediterranean. The conference will be organised by Independent Trade Missions Ltd.


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