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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Unions call public rally over utility rates

The 11 unions opposing the utility bills are calling on people to take part in a rally on Friday after the revision of the new rates was postponed. The rally is being held just over three months after unions joined forces for the first time and marched in Valletta to ask the government to go back to the negotiation table and revise the water and electricity tariffs. There were some adjustments but while some unions that took part in the first rally accepted them, 11 unions have persevered in their opposition.

Two more speed cameras being installed

Malta’s roads are expected to have another two speed cameras installed soon – one on the recently constructed St Paul’s Bay bypass, considered a fast road, and another on the Coast Road – following the eight being installed along some of the island’s main arteries.

It could not be established yesterday what the speed limit there or on the Coast Road is going to be. A limit of just 60kph is imposed at the other new ones, situated on the Birkirkara bypass, Sta Venera tunnel exits, Mdina Road in Qormi and Tal-Barrani Road in Żejtun.

25 years ago - The Times

Monday, February 21, 1994

‘Local election results confirm MLP’s participation’

Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami yesterday expressed satisfaction at the results obtained by the Nationalist Party in local council elections. The PN obtained 43.35 per cent of the valid votes cast. Independent candidates supported by the Labour Party polled 47 per cent, and independent candidates not supported by the Labour Party, seven per cent. The latest elections, he said, confirmed that the MLP was contesting the elections, although not officially.

Effect of hunting in Malta described as ‘insignificant’

A meeting on hunting was organised yesterday  by the Żebbuġ branch of the Association for Hunting and Conservation.

Mr Lino Farrugia, the association’s secretary said tempers were rising as March approached. March was made part of the close season in a set of new regulations issued early this year.

The MLP spokesman for the environment Mr Charles Buhagiar, said the effect of hunting and trapping in Malta on the bird population was insignificant. He said even if all the birds flying over the island were killed, the effect on the bird population would still be negligible.

Half a century ago - Times of Malta

Friday, February 21, 1969

Maltese shot dead in London

A father of 10 was shot dead in a London street early today in front of his 13-year-old daughter. Later, another Maltese, 44-year-old John Borg, was remanded in custody for a week after a brief hearing in a London court.

Mr Emmanuel Buttigieg, 41, a Maltese, was shot three times outside his café in the east London district of Stepney. His 13-year-old daughter saw the shooting and ran to cradle her dying father in her arms. Mr Buttigieg, whose wife is expecting their 11th child, was known as ‘Farmer’.

MLP on housing problem

A Malta Labour Party statement on the current student campaign for a solution of the acute housing problem in Malta rejects students’ allegations that the Opposition, along with the government, had failed to tackle the problem.

Since 1962 the Opposition had brought to the government’s attention the fact that high prices made it no longer possible for the worker to build his own house and the need arose for the government to step up the building of homes.

The Opposition had suggested that the government should sell the houses it built on the hire-purchase system and with the funds raised, build more houses.


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