10 years ago - The Times

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Murder trial: Accused ‘did not intend to kill’

The defence lawyer in the trial of a man accused of killing a 32-year-old mother with 47 stab wounds argued yesterday that his client never intended killing the woman.

He premised his argument on the fact that out of the wounds she suffered, only four were actually “stab wounds”, meaning that only four went through all the layers of the skin and flesh.

His client, 32-year-old David Schembri, stands accused of murdering his former girlfriend and mother of his seven-year-old daughter in a violent attack in May 2004, when he allegedly stabbed her to death in her San Ġwann apartment, which he got into after shooting the door down. 

The couple’s daughter witnessed the first part of the alleged attack.

Defence lawyer Joe Brincat’s submissions followed testimony by court expert Mario Scerri earlier this week who explained the various technical definitions of the wounds suffered by the victim, Josette Scicluna. 

Dr Scerri had also said that the victim had been “subject to extreme torture” in the moments before she died.


25 years ago - The Times

Saturday, January 22, 1994

Two get 20-year jail term

Gaetano Scerri and Reno Mercieca were last night jailed for 20 years each.

Family and friends broke down in tears after Mr Justice Victor Caruana Colombo finished reading out the sentence to a packed court.

Murder victim Bertu Vella’s head and arms were sawn off and dumped in the sea after he forced his way into Scerri’s house and demanded sex, the court heard before sentencing. 

Scerri, 25, was found guilty by seven votes to two of wilful homicide and Mercieca, 20, of being an accomplice, also by seven votes to two.

They were both found unanimously guilty of dismembering and disposing of the body.

50 senior civil servants appointed directors

Fifty senior civil servants were yesterday appointed directors in one of the most radical measures being implemented in the civil service reform. 

Prime Minister Eddie Feneh Adami said on presenting the appointments that although some were already holding the appointment, they were now getting it under a new form with a precise significance.

The appointees all had a job description and had signed a detailed contrat which included the concept of performance and how one could perform efficiently, Dr Fenech Adami said.


Half a century ago - Times of Malta

Wednesday, January 22, 1969

Lord Robens optimistic on 15,000 jobs target

Lord Robens, chairman of the Joint Steeering Committee, who is here to attend the quarterly meeting of the committee, said yesterday it was extremely important to delineate the areas for the building of more hotels and restaurants. He described this as one degree of discomfort of the Joint Steering Committee.

Lord Robens was speaking to members of the Federation of Malta Industries at the first social-cum-business meeting of the federation held at the Hotel Phoenicia. 

In a most interesting and detailed talk on the progress made in the island’s economy, Lord Robens said that, although the time was not ripe, he could say with certainty that the target set by the Joint Mission of creating 15,000 jobs by 1972 would be reached.

Four injured in car crash

The driver and three other occupants of a car were taken to hospital late last night when the car hit the kerb and overturned near the Stadium at Gżira. The car hit a parked car and mounted the pavement, finishing against the wall of a house. Patrons from nearby bars took the occupants to hospital.