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Friday, March 13, 2009

Aid agency pulls out of detention centres

An international aid organisation, one of many which protested its expulsion from Sudan, has ironically stopped offering its services in the detention facilities in Malta where illegal immigrants are kept.

Medecins Sans Frontiers informed the government that its doctors, nurses and psychologist had stopped offering their routine medical services in the detention facilities. 

It is believed that the decision is linked to conditions in the centres. A spokesman for the organisation said more information would be given in a press conference today, which will coincide with the arrival of EU Justice Commissioner Jacques Barrot. 

Mr Barrot will be in Malta to discuss the issue of illegal immigration. 

The ‘big R’ has arrived

The economy went into a recession during the second half of 2008, confirming the widespread feeling that Malta was not going to remain unscathed by the “big R”.

Economic growth for the whole of 2008 reached 1.6 per cent, which, although positive, was still two percentage points lower than the previous year and half of what the government was forecasting in the budget. 

25 years ago - The sunday Times

Sunday, March 13, 1994

PM’s strong ‘no’ to divorce

Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami yesterday came out very strongly against the introduction of divorce in Malta. “I am not prepared to vote in favour of divorce,” he told a dialogue meeting in Victoria.

The meeting, which was originally meant to be about local councils, centred on a variety of other subjects, ranging from impressed cars and Fort Chambray to civil service reform.

Ships hit by 12-hour strike

Ten ships were affected yesterday by a 12-hour strike by members of the ports’ Pilotage and Mooring Corps. The action was ordered by the General Workers’ Union in protest at the failure by Transport and Communications Minister Francis Zammit Dimech to give the go-ahead for an increase in the tariff paid by ships to pilots and mooring men for their services.

Hunters to be arraigned 

A number of persons are expected to be arraigned in court shortly following incidents which took place during the hunters’ carcade last Sunday and the seaborne protest the day before. On Monday, the police picked up four men from Magħtab, Mellieħa and San Ġwann for questioning.

Half a century ago - Times of Malta

Thursday, March 13, 1969

Man on the run seen in Malta, Sandra claims

Sandra Micallef yesterday claimed that she and Emmanuel Micallef had seen in Malta the Maltese-Australian who had allegedly stabbed Emmanuel in Sydney in June 1967. 

Sandra said that they both saw him a few days before the car explosion at Paola on Saturday.

Emmanuel Micallef, 32, had died shortly after the explosion which also injured 13 passengers on a Cospicua route bus and damaged balconies of nearby houses.

Emmanuel and Sandra had told the Police that the man was accompanied by another Maltese-Australian. The Police later discovered that both had left the island.

The stabbing occurred in front of the “Mediterranean Social Club” in Crown Street, East Sydney, which was run by Emmanuel Micallef. A man charged with the stabbing was remanded on bail but disappeared, and the Australia police are still searching for him.

Man bitten in finger – by another man

A man taking his four-year-old son for a walk at Armier, was bitten in his finger by one of three men who attacked him.


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